Thursday 21 March, 2019
6:10 pm, UTC +0000
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Ford Focus ST170


The time had come to say goobye to my Pug as the many years of use were beginning to take their toll. I decided to investigate alternative cars but obviously I would'nt be content with a basic low powered car. With all performance cars the cost of ownership is also costly so had to find somthing which had a bit of umf but at the same time something I could afford. My obvious choice would be a Porsche 911 but hey I'm living in dream world with that choice, although I have driven a Porsche Caymen S and also a 996 Carrera S on my Porsche Power Day, which was a lot of fun (Click for my Porsche Power Day). I also drove a Subraru which would also be on my shopping list aswell but insurance would kill me . We accidently came across a Ford Focus ST170 and decided to investigate further. The handling was great and the power was acceptable aswell as it did pull quite well. I bought the ST170 in February 2006 and although its exterior styling as standard does not do much for me I am obviously going to inject a bit of Caz into it.

The car came with;

  • Car colour is Moondust Silver

  • 17" ST Alloys

  • Comfort pack which comprises of; Climate Control/Air con & Zenon Headlights

  • Clear side repeators

  • Half Leather Seats

    I was a bit down in the dumps after getting rid of my Pug so the Focus was finding it hard to make me smile. It took quite a few months but slowly as I started investigating modifications and styling possibilities it was growing on me. After visiting various focus bulletin boards I was getting more of an idea of what to do.

    First things first I decided to do the cheap and easy mods first. The one thing that was really bugging me about the car was the rear lights but nothing really took my fancy so I kept that one on the back burner until I knew what I wanted. I decided there was nothing wrong with the lights themselves so I decided to a buy set of standard lights which had been tinted. I fitted them and they made a huge difference. One thing which had to be removed was the focus badge on the boot as it looked naff and just stood out too much. I wanted to have a clean looking rear (as would anyone) so I decided I just wanted the ST170 and the Ford badge, so the focus badge was removed. It made the rear end look so much nicer and cleaner.

    Next on the list was to put some ST170 decals on the side. Then I decided to paint my calipers. I was undecided what colour so I decided to continue with the silver theme.

    I have also bought a different ST170 badge for the rear as the standard ST170 badge looks small and hard to read so thought this would give it a different feel but at the mo im still undecided so decided to keep it on the back burner. I have also bought some wind deflectors from Ford as I had some on my Pug and they worked really well.

    Next was to colour code my headlight washer jet covers as these were originally black, seems strange how these stayed black as standard, whereas everything else is colour coded so a visit to Torquesteer was in order.

    To remind me of the Pug I had to install my Sony Mini Disc headunit to replace the standard Ford unit.


  • ST170 side decals

  • Tinted Standard Rear Lights

  • Front Aero Wipers

  • Colour coded Headlight front washer jet covers

  • Replaced the standard Ford headunit for my old skool Sony Minidisc headunit

  • Window Wind Deflectors

  • EGR Boot Spoiler

  • Sprayed the aerial and base silver

  • Sprayed various black plastic covers under the bonnet silver including; the battery cover, air box, engine mount cover, ignition leads cover, bonnet stay silver.

  • Fitted white LED bulbs to the front and rear interior roof lights. Also added white LED bulbs to the footwell lights

  • To continue the black and silver theme I decided the 3rd brake light did not look right as bright red so I have added a black vinyl in the shape of the brake light with ST170 cut out and stuck this over the brake light. The bright red light still works and now reads ST170 when I brake. An effective but cheap mod.

    Future Plans

    I would like to add a subtle Bodykit and decided on the EGR kit as I have already bought and fitted the EGR boot spoiler to the car. Colour code the washer jets. Spray any further black plastic covers under the bonnet that can be easily removed silver to continue the silver theme.