Thursday 21 March, 2019
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Our home


2007 - Present

This is our second and current home. We moved in July 2007 to a complete new way of living. Coming from a town environment is was totally different, living in a village. Being able to walk to various places instead of getting in a car is a really nice change.

The bottom level of the house was formally an old black smiths dated 1850s. The cottage has been extended on the top & back through various years to how it is now. At last we now have a garage but before the sierra relocates, the garage is an open wood built construction so we need to render the sides and also add some wooden doors to the front.

The garden consists of a vast array of cottage style trees, scrubs and plants including seriously long brambles which we have slowly begun to clear out. There was also a lot of bind weed which gets everywhere which has been removed. We have started to chop and remove a few of the trees and started to trim the height of the hedge and trees in the back garden to let more light in. I have also created a path from the front door to the side door and removed and uncovered the front window as was being covered by various grasses and also a massive honeysuckle climber, this has been gravelled as well to match the other side. Through the course of our tidy up we have unearthed various items from the undergrowth ranging from chimney pots, various roof tiles and a wheelbarrow to an old cobber's shoe holder and a old fashioned shoe door scrapper.

This home is certainly an on going project.