Thursday 21 March, 2019
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Jasmine aka Jazz

  • Jasmine was born 26.02.09.

  • She is a Miniature Schnauzer Pepper & Salt colouring.

    We picked Jasmine up from a breeder in Northampton on Wednesday 29th April 2009 at the age of 8 weeks old. Luckily we arrived in her sleepy time so the car journey home was easy & relaxing for all concerned. Jasmine has settled into her new home really well and is full of beans in the garden. She has definately got that woman stubborn streak in her but she is full of character and adorable, expecially when all the interesting smells and excitments that the day brings, has worn her out.... next stage puppy training!

    She seems to be enjoying puppy training classes and meeting up with various other puppies each week. Jasmine seems a very bright eyed and bouncy dog who learns quick but still has that stubborn streak at times. Each evening we take her for a walk over the fields which she definately enjoys, running between us in the playing fields is a good way of tiring her and us out!!.