Thursday 21 March, 2019
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1996 - 2007

This was our first house together and lived there for over 11 years give or take. The only thing it didn't have which we would of really liked is a garage as the Sierra had to be stored in Dave's dads 2nd garage, although if we did have one Dave would probably be in their all the time. It's an affordable house to live in hence we can buy gadgets, computer bits and of course the odd mad modification to the sierra like a supercharger, modifing your engine, intercooler, water injection etc the list is endless.

When we first moved here it was a blank canvas the front and back garden were just bits of grass no plants to speak of and that was it. No access to the back garden bar from through the house so its nice to have a dad who is a builder. Between my dad and Dave they re-done the kitchen and my dad also transformed our bathroom. He has put a sly gate, in the fence down the side of the garden which gives us access to front, back and the driveway without walking all the way through the house. He has also laid down some steps at the front of the house up to the front door. He's glad of the rest now but it all looks good.