Friday 16 November, 2018
7:21 am, UTC +0000
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Peugeot 106 XSI


I bought the car back in 1996. I had seen a few 106 XSi's on the road but they were few and far apart. As this is a rare version of the 106 I decided to investigate further. I found one close to where I live and decided to have a look. As we pulled up it stood out from the crowd, although i dont usually like red cars this one just gleemed and looked eye catching and smart. I took it for a test drive, the pug handled very well and stuck to the corners like glue. After i had parted with my cash (ok my dads cash) which was paid back in full, I decided it needed the Caz touch. Through time with the help from Bhav & Dave I have added bits and bobs as can be read below. Considering it is only a 1.4 with Bosch Motronic multi-point fuel injection engine it produces 105bhp, it has a very highly strung cam and revs up to 7200rpm which hits the rev limit, the suspension works well and is firm without being harsh. It has a well balanced chassis which weighs less than 850 kg, which can enable it to handle corners very nicely. Due to its size it is very nippy and would even give Dave's a run for his money round small little roundabouts.


  • Car colour is Cherry Red
  • Nice leather 3 spoke steering wheel
  • Immobiliser
  • Peugeot alarm fitted (which goes off if you breathed near it, hence Ive switched it off)
  • Sporty 5 spoke alloy wheel
  • XSI body kit
  • Smoked Rear Lights
  • Clear Front Indicators
  • Smoked repeaters
  • Sideskirts
  • Improvements

  • Scorpion Stainless steel exhaust back box with twin 3" tailpipes
  • Pipercross Induction Kit
  • Smoked side repeaters
  • XSI badges on side panels
  • Headlight protectors
  • XSI mud flaps
  • Custom fit Side Skirts
  • Red calipers
  • Alloys refurbished & powder coated to MOD spec
  • Roof & front bumper re-sprayed
  • Red LED windscreen washers (wired to a switch inside to keep PC Plod happy)
  • White LED side lights
  • Blue LED boot and interior lights
  • Interior floor pan totally covered with anti resonant sound proof pads.
  • Side window wind deflectors
  • Lockwood white dial kit fitted
  • Underneath of car has been rust proofed and epoxy painted black
  • 10" Sub and Kenwood rear speakers
  • Painted red rocker cover
  • Thank You

    A BIG thank you to the following peeps who helped get my car looking different & me smiling.

  • Warwick Road Garage, Coventry - For putting up with me & my car at their garage most weekends
  • B&B Motors, Coventry (paint-work)
  • Profile 7000, Coventry (alloys & rocker cover)
  • Pikey for installing my pat pending washer switch
  • Dave for putting up with me and my pug mods
  • Bhav's mum for supplying the yummy cuisine
  • Last but not least Bhav for helping me sooo much in repairing, sourcing parts and sorting my bodywork out. Many hours have been spent & blood has been spilt over this motor which is all appreciated.

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