Thursday 21 March, 2019
5:49 pm, UTC +0000
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Peugeot RCZ GT

Well after having the Focus ST for approx 6 years, it failed to keep me entertained so the mission was on to find something which was a bit different with a bit of poke but affordable, so that was the Porsche & 370z out the window!. After seeing the car advertised at a garage one day I decided to look into going back to my Peugeot routes again and surprisingly it was more affordable than the Focus in most aspects. Decided to test drive the different engine specs and decided this was the Lion for me and the rest they say is history.


  • 2-door coupé
  • Double-bubble roof
  • 1.6-litre THP200
  • 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) @5800
  • 275 Nm (203 lb ft) @1770rpm 6-speed manual
  • 0-100km/h: 7.5s
  • Top Speed: 146mph
  • Colour: Mercury Grey
  • Light Grey 'Lama' Leater interior
  • Tyre size: 235x40R19W
  • Tyre pressure sensors
  • Front and rear parking aids
  • JBL Radio and speaker pack
  • Xenon, directional, self-levelling headlamps